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Counselor General Jerry Hubbard has assembled a history of the Virginia Society that is presented below for viewing online as PDF files. The history may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded using the graphic below. Please contact Jerry Hubbard by e-mail using the link above with any additions and corrections.

Virginia Founder's Burial Sites

Cover Page

History of the OFPA

History of the Virginia Society

Membership of the Virginia Society

National Guard and ROTC Programs

Associates in the Spotlight

Articles about the Virginia Society and members

Coat of Arms

OFPA Flag Design

Address of Welcome (John Quincy Adams

Early Society Notes

"I'm not Cracked Like My Sister"

Founder: Richard Lyman (Mike Lyman)

Founder: Edmund Moore (Donald Moore)

Founder: Robert Lay (Francis Lay)

My Hubbard Ancestors (Jerry Hubbard)

A Founder and a Patriot (Alexander Clarke Magruder, Sr.)

John Barker

The Governor General's Gavel and Case

Colonial Toleration, A Nation's Rule

Establishing Patriot Service

Service for Lt. William Porter (press release)

George Scarborough

Walk in Their Footsteps

Ancestors at Warner Hall

2009 Virginia Society Speakers

Asa Wesley Graves, VI, VII, VIII

Culpeper Courthouse, July 3, 2010

Grace Episcopal Church, Yorktown, Virginia

WWII memories (Cranston Williams, Jr.)

What's in Your Attic?

Virginia Society Looks Forward as Well

Revolutionary War Ancestors of Alamo Hero James Butler Bonham

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